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This section covers hardware and software requirements for an IBM Cloud Pak for Security 1.2 installation.

IBM Cloud Pak for Security 1.2 requires Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) 4.2 and IBM® Cloud Platform (ICP) Common Services to be installed as prerequisites. The installation of OpenShift Container Platform is covered in this section of the Playbook. The installation of ICP Common Services is included in the Cloud Pak for Security installation instructions.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

You can install all of the IBM® Cloud Pak for Security components on amd64 hardware.

Figure 1. 6+-node cluster System requirements

Table 1. 6+-node cluster

Node typeNumber of nodesCPURAMSystem disk
Master34 cores16 GB120 GB
Worker38 cores32 GB120 GB

IBM Passport Advantage (PPA) Part Numbers

IBM® Cloud Pak for Security Version 1.2, CJ764EN eAssembly consists of the following files.

Part numberDescriptionVRMLanguagesPlatformFile name
CC61XENIBM Cloud Pak for Security Quick Start Guide1.2.0EnglishNACC61XEN.pdf
XXXXXXXIBM Cloud Pak for Security image secret1.2.0NAMultiplatformibmcp4s-image-secret.yaml
CC61YENIBM Cloud Pak for Security for Red Hat OpenShift1.2.0EnglishMultiplatformCPS_1.2_OS_EN.tgz

Command-line Tools

The following table details the command-line interface (CLI) tools and versions that are required for IBM Cloud Pak for Security.

You can copy and paste commands to download each of the CLI tools for any of the supported operating systems from the IBM Cloud Private management console. For more information, see the Knowledge Center IBM Cloud Private CLI tools guide.


IBM Cloud Private is the name of a former IBM product that has been withdrawn from marketing. It was referred to by the acronym ICP. While the product has been withdrawn, some of its product components are still being used for the Common Services layer used by this and other IBM Cloud Paks. The ICP acronym is being re-purposed to mean IBM Cloud Platform. However in some of the documentation links and in some of the product components, you will sometimes see the name IBM Cloud Private still being used. For the purposes of the instructions in this Playbook, the terms IBM Cloud Private and IBM Cloud Platform Common Services can be understood as synonymous.

ocRed Hat OpenShift Container Platform console path: /console/command-line4.1.16 or later
kubectlRed Hat OpenShift Container Platform console path: /console/tools/cli For more information about the latest version, see or later
cloudctlIBM Cloud Private console path: /console/tools/cli3.2.0-634
helmIBM Cloud Private console path: /console/tools/cli2.12.3

Complete information about planning for Cloud Pak for Security can be found at this IBM Knowledge Center page.