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What's New

The latest updates to the IBM Cloud Pak Playbook are below.

Latest UpdatesDate    
Update Netcool Ops Manager Installation to the new 1.6.1 version2020-07-21
Added Netcool Ops Manager Day 22020-06-15
Added OpenShift Platform Day 22020-06-01
IBM Cloud Pak Playbook URL changed to Please update your bookmarks.2020-05-22
Added Netcool Ops Manager Installation2020-05-19
Made some corrections under Cloud Pak for Integration API Connect and Event Streams pages for version 2020.1.12020-05-13
Updated the OpenShift Platform section for OpenShift 4.32020-05-13
Added Cloud Pak for Integration Installation Scripts & Pipelines2020-05-08
Updated Cloud Pak for Applications section to version 4.12020-04-21
Updated Cloud Pak for Integration section to version 2020.1.12020-04-20
Added troubleshooting to Installing OpenShift on AWS2020-04-09
More detail to Contribution Guide2020-04-03
Added IBM Edge Computing Manager Installation2020-04-02
Updated CP for Multicloud MCM Installation to version 1.32020-03-30
Updated CP for Security to version 1.22020-03-30