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Multiple Cloud Pak Installation

Multiple Cloud Pak Installation

This section describes the findings of a group, participating in a residency project in January 2020, to install more than one IBM Cloud Pak in the same cluster. During the limited time duration of the residency, the group was able to test two combinations, as follows:

  1. Installing Cloud Pak for Integration first Cloud Pak for Applications second
  2. Installing Cloud Pak for Applications first Cloud Pak for Integration second

Each chapter in this section links to the steps to install each of the respective Cloud Paks in the test. Generally, there is no change to the standard Cloud Pak installation instructions for these multiple Cloud Pak scenarios.

However, there are some configuration steps recommended to avoid potential conflicts where both Cloud Paks include the same component. Each chapter describes those special steps to take, based on the group’s experience, to avoid problems. It is important to note that these descriptions reflect the state of the Cloud Paks in January 2020. In all cases, it is recommended to follow the official product Documentation in the Knowledge Center as your authoritive source of knowledge.

The links below direct you to the other sections of this Playbook describing the installation and configuration of the IBM Cloud Paks tested in this project.

Official IBM Cloud Paks Documentation

Always consult the IBM product documentation as your first source of knowledge for installing IBM Cloud Paks. In the Knowledge Center, you can select the most current version of the Cloud Pak you are working on.

IBM Knowledge Center