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This section covers hardware and software requirements for CP4MCM installation.

Multicloud Manager Hub (MCM)

Minimum Hardware Requirements

Single Node Requirements

RequirementAll management services enabledAll management services including logging disabled
Number of hosts11
CPU>=2.4 GHz>=2.4 GHz
Free disk space to install>=200 GB>=150 GB

Persistent Storage Requirements

Persistent StorageSize (GB)RecommendedAccessComments
etcd1File StorageRWORequired

Supported Platforms

IBM Redhat OpenShiftOCPOCP
Managed OpenShift on AWS
Managed OpenShift on Azure

Required Ports

PortAccess TypeUsage
8001External *default for managed cluster to communicate with Kubernetes API server port on the hub cluster
8500External *default for managed cluster to communicate with Docker registry on the hub cluster
443External *default for hub cluster to communicate with Klusterlet service on IBM Cloud Private nginx ingress

*External - port must be open to allow connections from outside the cluster.

Managed Clusters

Cloud TypeList
ManagedIBM Redhat OpenShift
PublicOCP , IKS , EKS , AKS , GKE
PrivateOCP , PKS ??-JW

Hardware requirements for managed clusters

ComponentCPU requestCPU limitMemory requestMemory limit

Cloud Automation Manager (CAM)

IBM Passport Advantage (PPA) Part Numbers

eImage descriptionsfile namePart number
IBM Cloud Private 3.2 for Linux (x86_64) Cloud Automation Manager 3.2.1icp-cam-x86_64-3.2.0.tar.gzCC2IUEN

Minimum Hardware Requirements


  • Ensure the processes, such as Prometheus and logstash, are running and all requirements are met.
  • Cloud Automation Manager will consume worker node resources
Cloud Automation Manager sizeWorker nodesvCPUMemory (GB)Notes
Single node deployment112>30
Single node deployment without metering112>20
High availability configuration34 per node16 GB per node
High concurrent deployment requirements (above 10)36 per node20 GB per node2vCPU 4 GB memory for every additional 10 concurrent deployments
Large number of deployed instances35 per node16 GB per node1vCPU for every 15K deployments managed

Persistent Storage Requirements

Note: User must create persistent volumes to store Cloud Automation Manager database and log data.

Persistent StorageSize (GB)RecommendedAccessComments
cam-mongo-pv20 GBFile StorageRWX20GB for up to 10k deployments. Add 10 GB for each additional 10k deployments.
cam-logs-pv10 GBFile StorageRWXStatic
cam-terraform-pv15 GBFile StorageRWXUsage can grow or shrink
cam-bpd-appdata-pv20 GBFile StorageRWXThe size grows based on the number of templates in local repository

Supported Operating Systems and Platforms

  • Cloud Automation Manager performs ’manage-to’ operations directly on the hypervisor and does not have any restriction on the operating system level requirement.
  • To know more about minimum system requirements for setting up and running the middleware Content Runtime within a virtual machine, see System requirements.

Other Requirements

  • Internet connectivity is required for deployments to public cloud providers like IBM Cloud, Amazon EC2, and Microsoft Azure.

  • Minimum browser supported
    Firefox 52
    Chrome 57
    Safari 10.1
    Edge 16
  • Additional resources and configuration may be required based on the desired use of automation content available with Cloud Automation Manager. To understand the automation content available for use, see About Cloud Automation Manager Content.

  • Elevated privileges are required. For more information, see Prerequisites for installing Cloud Automation Manager.

IBM Cloud App Management (iCAM)

IBM Passport Advantage (PPA) Part Numbers

Note: visit IBM Cloud App Management components for a list of additional items and respective part numbers.

eImage descriptionsfile namePart number
IBM Cloud App Management V2019.2.1 Server Install xlinuxapp_mgmt_server_2019.2.1.tar.gzCC2DXEN
IBM Cloud App Management V2019.2.1 for Eventing Klusterlet Config on AMD64agent_ppa_2019.2.1_prod_amd64.tar.gzCC2LSEN

Minimum Hardware Requirements

Note: Demonstration/Proof of Concept This is a Size0 environment requirement. This size is suitable for a very small demonstration, trial or proof of concept. It is only suitable for a minimal workload. This size is designed to reduce the size of the microservices deployed to minimize the required hardware.

Approx resources (Agents, Data Collectors)Metrics per minuteNumber of VMs/hostsCPU (cores)RAM (GB)Disk (GB)
Up to 100Up to 2500021232100

Persistent Storage Requirements

Note visit Configuring the disk drives for the said services for additional details

Persistent StorageSize (GB)RecommendedAccessComments
Cassandra50Local, vSphere, File StorageRWXRequired
Couch DB5Local, vSphere, File StorageRWXRequired
DataStore5Local, vSphere, File StorageRWXRequired
Zookeeper1Local, vSphere, File StorageRWXRequired
Kafka Broker5Local, vSphere, File StorageRWXRequired

Supported Operating Systems

Operating SystemOS MinimumHardwareBitnessComponents
RHEL Server 77.3x86-6464-ExploitServer
Ubuntu 16.04 LTSBasex86-6464-ExploitServer