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Solution Overview

The IBM Cloud Pak for Integration is the industry’s most complete hybrid integration platform (HIP). Access all of the integration capabilities that your team needs to balance traditional and modern styles of integration. Enact the appropriate governance to provide the right level of access to each team member. Use any of the the capabilities independently delivered via a modern DevOps process and tooling or together, through a single interface with a single login and dashboard.

Under the Hood

The Cloud Pak delivers several core integration capabilities.

  • API Lifecycle Management (API Connect) allows you to expose, manage, share and monetize APIs across clouds
  • Application and Data Integration (App Connect) allows you to connect applications, data, legacy systems and modern technologies across on-premises, hybrid and multicloud environments
  • Enterprise Messaging (MQ) connects business applications through a security-rich, robust and scalable messaging hub
  • Event Streaming (Event Streams) built on open-source Apache Kafka it promotes Event Driven Architectures (EDA) that allows you to analyze data associated with an event and respond to it in real time
  • High-Speed Data Transfer (Aspera) enables you to overcome the challenges of legacy file transfer tools and physical shipping methods to move large amounts of data across global distances at maximum speed
  • Secure Gateway (DataPower) connects cloud and on-premises resources without the need for complex security configurations

In addition the Cloud Pak for Integration provides further capabilities to help manage your integrations.

  • Operations Dashboard
  • Asset Repository

The installation steps for each of these capabilities are provided below in the pages of this section. In addition, there is the option of installing these capabilties from the command line using scripts and using an automated Tekton DevOps pipeline.

About This Guide

The goal of this guide is to provide a jump-start to installing and using the IBM Cloud Pak for Integration.
Additional guidance is provided for deployment of basic use cases for the capabilities provided by the Cloud Pak. It is not required that you are an IBM integration portfolio expert. Some knowledge of the underlying solution technologies is advantageous. In addition, a basic understanding of the underlying OpenShift Cloud Platform (OCP) usage and operations is expected.

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