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This page contains guidance on how to configure the Tracing capability on the Cloud Pak for Integration.

    Prepare Installation

    1. Create Namespace/Project You can do this in the OCP User Interface or via the Command Line using the following syntax:
      oc new-project tracing \
      --description="tracing" --display-name="tracing"
    2. Set the Appropriate permissions:
      oc adm policy add-scc-to-group ibm-anyuid-scc system:serviceaccounts:tracing
      oc adm policy add-scc-to-group anyuid system:serviceaccounts:tracing

      Begin Installation

      1. Go to CP4I Platform Home. Click Create instance inside the Tracing tile.
      2. A window will pop up with a description of the requirements for installing. Click Continue to the helm chart deployment configuration.
      3. Click Overview to view the chart information and pre-reqs that were covered in Prepare Installation.
      4. Click Configure
      5. Enter the Helm release name. In our example, tracing
      6. Enter Target Namespace - tracing
      7. Select a Cluster - local-cluster.
      8. Check the license agreement.
      9. Under Parameters -> Quick start
        1. Integration Platform Navigator Hostname -> This is the hostname of your platform navigator. Copy and paste without the https://
        2. Global: Images Registry Secret -> This is your pull secret you created in the previous set of instructions. For IBM Cloud installations, this will be created automatically.
        3. Ingress: Hostname -> This is the hostname of your proxy node for your install.
        4. Configuration DB: Storage Class Name -> Storage Class for your block storage (e.g. ceph, ibmc-block-bronze). Tracing requires Block (not file) storage.
        5. Operations Dashboard Store: Storage Class Name -> Storage Class for your block storage (e.g. ceph, ibmc-block-bronze). Tracing requires Block (not file) storage.
      10. Click Install
      11. If you are using entitled registry, the entire install process could take up to 25-30 minutes to run depending on how long it takes to pull the images down.

        Validate installation

        1. View all pods running using oc get pods. Output should resemble below

        Configure Tracing for the CP4I capabilities

        At the time of writing, the CP4I tracing capability includes the ability to trace MQ, App Connect Enterprise and API Connect. MQ and API Connect only need to be configured once upon install of that capability. For App Connect, you will enable tracing for each individual .bar file you deploy. Note that if you deploy .bar files into the same namespace, you will only need to enable tracing for that namespace the first time you deploy to it. To learn how to enable tracing for each capability see the documentation