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Event Streams


This page contains guidance on how to configure the Event Streams release for both on-prem and IBM Cloud.

    Prepare Installation

    1. Change project to eventstreams

      oc project eventstreams
    2. Resources Required:

      If you enable message indexing (which is enabled by default), then you must have the vm.max_map_count property set to at least 262144 on all IBM Cloud Private nodes in your cluster (not only the master node). Please note this property may have already been updated by other workloads to be higher than the minimum required. Run the following commands on each node:

      sudo sysctl -w vm.max_map_count=262144
      echo "vm.max_map_count=262144" | tee -a /etc/sysctl.conf

    You also may want to consider manually setting security if you run into issues related to permissions. This applies to non-production/poc type environments where you need to get things up and running quickly. Here are the commands:

    oc adm policy add-scc-to-group anyuid system:serviceaccounts:eventstreams
    oc adm policy add-scc-to-group ibm-anyuid-scc system:serviceaccounts:eventstreams

    This assumes you are installing to the eventstreams namespace/project. If you are using a different location, adjust the last parameter to match your environment.

      Begin Installation

      1. Go to CP4I Platform Home. Click Create instance inside the Event Streams tile.

      2. A window will pop up with a description of the requirements for installing. Click Continue to the helm chart deployment configuration.

      3. Click Overview to view the chart information and pre-reqs that were covered in Prepare Installation.

      4. Click Configure

      5. Enter the Helm release name. In our example, es-1

      6. Enter Target Namespace - eventstreams

      7. Select a Cluster - local-cluster.

      8. Check the license agreement.

      9. Under Parameter click Quick Start to expand.

      10. Here you will need to set the Certificate Secret Name. Set this to a simple value like eventstreamssecret.

      11. Image Pull Secret - Set to ibm-entitlement-key if using entitled registry or if offline use the deployer-dockercfg-XX secret in your ace namespace. Use oc get secrets to get the exact value for your environment.

      12. Under External Access Settings find the External hostname/IP address and set that to the icp-proxy address defined during icp / common-services installation - icp-proxy.\<openshift-router-domain>

      13. Under Parameters click All Parameters to expand.

      14. Under Global install settings ensure the Generate Certificate for Security checked.

      15. There are other settings you might consider adding, like persistent storage. It is not required for install but if you wish to add it, the chart will allow for it. Event Streams requires file (not block) storage.

      16. If you do not wish to add persistent storage, you are done. Scroll to the bottom. Click Install.

        Validate Installation

        1. View all pods in a running state and jobs completed