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Installing Cloud Pak for Data

In this section we describe the installation of IBM Cloud Pak for Data. This document was written based on our experience with installation on Red Hat OpenShift 4.2 running on x86 architecture. However, the purpose of this document is to be agnostic. In other words, Cloud Pak for Data (CP4D) just requires OpenShift 3.11 or 4.x to be installed as a base platform. It does not matter if it is on-premises, in the cloud, installed on bare-metal, or on virtual machines.

Important: At the time of writing OpenShift 4.3 is the highest supported version for CP4D. OpenShift 4.2 seems to be the most stable.

Obtain the Installation Files

IBM® Cloud Pak for Data Version 3.0.1 consists of the following options:

  • On the Linux or Mac OS workstation, download the appropriate file from cpd-cli GitHub:
EditionTAR FileVersionSize
Enterprisecloudpak4data-ee-3.0.1.tgz3.0.1122 MB
Standardcloudpak4data-ste-3.0.1.tgz3.0.1122 MB
Systemcloudpak4data-se-3.0.1.tgz3.0.1122 MB

The quick install guide can be found here.

For help on an airgapped environment read here.