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Operational Decision Manager

Required services

Before installing Operational Decision Manager (ODM), you should have the following pre-requisites in place:

  • Have privileged access to your DB2 database server.
  • Optionally, have access to your LDAP directory server.

See the Shared services chapter for details on DB2 or LDAP installation, if needed.

Prepare the ODM database

su - db2inst1
db2 create database odmdb automatic storage yes using codeset UTF-8 territory US pagesize 32768;
db2 connect to odmdb
db2 list applications

Create the database secret

Run the following command to create a secret for database access:

oc create secret generic odm-db-secret --from-literal=db-user="<db-user>" --from-literal=db-password="<db-password>"

Create the LDAP secrets

LDAP bind secret

Run the following command to create a secret for LDAP access:

oc create secret generic ldap-bind-secret --from-literal=ldapUsername="<bind-dn>" --from-literal=ldapPassword="<bind-password>"

User configuration secret

  • Download the webSecurity.xml files to your working directory.

  • Update the webSecurity.xml file to replace the ldap host with the public IP address of your LDAP server, as well as the connection DN and password.

  • If needed, you may also update the access info within webSecurity.xml file to add users or groups. For the details on how to configure the access info, please refer to the related ODM knowledge center section.

  • Run the following command:

oc create secret generic odm-users-secret --from-file=webSecurity.xml=webSecurity.xml

Deploy ODM

  • Copy this ibm_cp4a_cr_odm.yaml template file in your working directory and update it as needed (look for the <> placeholders in the file).

  • Apply the updated custom resource definition file:

oc apply -f ibm_cp4a_cr_odm.yaml

You should see the following new pods deployed:

odm-demo-odm-decisioncenter-6dbfb56874-6kt4l 1/1 Running 0 17d
odm-demo-odm-decisionrunner-54c7dbd9ff-wtg2f 1/1 Running 0 17d
odm-demo-odm-decisionserverconsole-5bd4dc4645-j6xj2 1/1 Running 0 17d
odm-demo-odm-decisionserverruntime-7d5d64f664-n4g5n 1/1 Running 0 17d