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Installing Cloud Pak on a cluster:

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Using the Cloud Pak:

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The Cloud Pak for Applications provides product offerings to support modernizing existing applications and building new cloud native applications. The applications run within a Kubernetes cluster provided with the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. The focus provided here is on running application workloads as containers. The Cloud Pak for Applications is a bundle of multiple offerings. This diagram provides an overview of what offerings are included and what they would be used for.


The key offerings reviewed in this installation and usage scenarios are:

OfferingInstallation StepsDescription
Red Hat OpenShift Container PlatformInstallKubernetes platform required for running application workloads
Accelerators for TeamsInstallOpen source projects to build, deploy and run applications. Installs into an OpenShift Container Platform cluster.
Developer ToolsMacOS / WindowsTools needed for a developer to build, test and debug applications.
Red Hat RuntimesInstallApplication runtimes and framework for JBoss, Vert.x and Node.

These offerings are also included in the Cloud Pak for Applications but not focus within this material. These offerings support running existing applications but not focused on the container platform.

OfferingInstallation StepsDescription
IBM WebSphere Application Server Network DeploymentInstallContinue to run existing WebSphere apps.
IBM WebSphere Application ServerInstallContinue to run existing WebSphere apps.
IBM WebSphere Application Server Liberty CoreInstallContinue to run existing Liberty apps.
IBM Mobile FoundationInstallRun existing mobile apps.
IBM Cloud PrivateInstallMigrate existing workloads to OpenShift Container Platform.

Installation Overview

The primary method for installing the Cloud Pak for Applications follows the key high level steps of:

  • Install Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform - Cloud Pak provides OpenShift Container Platform to create a new cluster. You can also use any existing OpenShift 4.2 to install the Cloud Pak into.
  • Install Cloud Pak for Applications - The Cloud Pak is installed into the cluster and provides Transformation Advisor and Accelerators for Teams. The installation provides IBM runtimes for Liberty, Microprofile, and Spring, as well as several open source projects which include Appsody, Tekton, and Knative.
  • Install developer tools - A developer is provided tools for an IDE and key CLIs to access the cluster. Instructions are available for both Mac OSx and Windows.
  • Building DevOps pipeline to use cloud runtimes - Application workloads are deployed with an automated deployment pipeline that will use cloud runtimes such as Liberty or other additional Red Hat Runtimes.