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Install on OpenShift Container Platform

IBM Cloud Pak for Applications Installer

The IBM Cloud Pak for Applications Installer installs the following components on your OCP Cluster:

  • Accelerators for Teams
  • Transformation Advisor
  • Mobile Foundation

Only installation from an entitled registry is supported.

Air gapped installations are not supported.

The installer must have access to both the entitled registry and the target cluster from the same workstation.

These components install into an existing clusters including an on-premises cluster or Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud service.

OpenShift can be obtained through the Cloud Pak or a Red Hat OpenShift subscription.


The prerequisites include Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) version 4.3.


The full set of instructions for installing Cloud Pak for Applications is found in the IBM Knowledge Center. The installation can per performed from a workstation that is not one of the VMs in the cluster. This workstation must have access to the entitled registry, the OCP/OKD cluster and the Internet.

If the OCP/OKD app subdomain is set in the cluster, there is no need to edit the generated config.yaml file. The installation can be started with all default values.

Knowledge Center details how to use the installer command line.